About Jake

imageA friend of Jake’s wrote a poem called Beautiful Boy taken from the John Lennon song played at his funeral which described Jake perfectly, but not enough because jake’s beauty was more than physical. The beauty was the person on the inside, the person everyone trusted and could count on in good times and in bad. The guy that took care of everyone and loved everyone he met in his short life. His friends and family were very important to Jake and he always made time for each and every one of hem. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a kind word to help you feel better… that was Jake.

Patience and compassion were a few of Jake’s attributes. For a number of years he helped with the Special Olympics. The athletes adored and respected Jake because he treated them the same as anyone else. I remember Jake coming home upset once because one of the athletes always put him in a headlock at school and hurt him. The individual was much stronger than him, but Jake did not say anything because he had too big a heart.

Jake also volunteered at the local food bank and was always available to help anyone who asked regardless how tired or busy he was. His past employers always wanted him to return after school because he was such a hard worker with a positive attitude.

As his grandparents got older he would always make time to chat with them or offer to help them with anything they may have needed.

Always a smile on his face and truly happy, he never asked for much, just the company of good friends and family. Jake appreciated everyone in his life. His kindness and sincerity really did make the world a better place.

We are thankful for that.

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